Phase V (Phase 5) Fiberglass & Boat Polish

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Why Buy This Product?

  • Speeds up paint restoration with minimal dusting
  • An aggressive polish that begins working like a virtual compound cutting fast and accurately capable of removing moderate to heavy surface imperfections
  • A compound, polish and protect in one easy step
  • Perfect for fiberglass and gel coats
  • Great for RVs and boats

How it Works

Phase 5 Polish is a dual action compound and polish. Phase 5 Polish restores and revives finishes, remove swirls, scratches, oxidation and paint defects leaving the finish smooth, clean and brilliantly glossy. Phase 5 Polish works on all painted surfaces but is especially great on fiberglass and gel coats making it ideal for boats and RVs. Phase 5 Polish speeds up paint restoration with minimal dusting. Phase 5 Polish is an aggressive polish that begins working like a virtual compound cutting fast and accurately, capable of removing moderate to heavy surface imperfections. As buffing continues, its unique abrasive system breaks down into finer and finer tiny particles that eventually become a super fine polish. This metamorphosis enables the professional user to compound, polish and protects in one easy step. For superior results buffer speed should be between 1800 and 2200 RPM, and 5000-6000 OPM for Dual-Action polishers. Phase 5 Polish eliminates the need for 3 compounds and polish that 4 products in all. Phase 5 Polish leaves very little haze if any at all.

Customer Feedback

I recently had the pleasure of using a few of your products and am ecstatic with the results. They were even easier to use than any other products. Phase 5 Polish is the fastest working and best finishing polish we have ever used! Attached are some photos of the work, the photos say it all. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance. I also used it on several RVs as well.-Lavi Redza Master Detailer Flying Fish Detailing Canada

Customer Feedback

"Detailing Boats in the Marina has been our business for 20+ yrs. Here in California, the sun really takes its toll on us and the yachts. Having a professional line of products to use can make or break a business. Chemical Guys Phase 5 polish and the Jet Seal 109 are "MUST HAVE" products for any marine detailer. Great products and great support...Thanks, Guys."-Pride & Shine Yacht Detailing, Marina CA."Our 2005 Prowler 39.5 foot RV was looking a little under the weather. Phase 5 Polish restored it to better conditions than the day we picked it up. Thank you so much for your great product."-Dennis & Martha Higgents Zolfo Springs, Florida"My brand new Forest River Wildwood 34.5 ft. The trailer sat in the sun under some trees for 7 months, it looked 70 yrs old, like me. Saturday some boys helped me polish it up with your Phase Products and then we waxed it up with the Mseal. I can safely say it looks better then anything on the road"-Don Harley Judsonia, Arkansas "Guys I got the V-dub out of the shop and I couldn't stand the sight of the fiberglass rear, I was so upset. Someone at a car show told me about your Phase 5 Polish, I used it with my PC fist with the orange pad than with white and WOW...just WOW! Thank you guys I took home 1st at the show."-Ted Begley Houston TX